What to do in Marseille ATTRACTIONS Museums/art galleries, Historical sites nearby Harbour and boat tours nearby Hiking & Trekking area nearby Main attractions, Nightlife nearby …

Palais Longchamp

A few facts about Palais Longchamp: Designed by the same architecht who made Notre Dame De La Garde Provides beautiful sights of large fountain, waterfall, …

Cours Julien

A few facts about Cours Julien:   Perched on a hill, Cours Julien is one of Marseille’s hippest districts Beloved by the “bo bo” (bourgeois …

Longchamp promenade

Take a walk here to see the beautiful garden.

Ancient culture in Marseille

Explore the old city and discover its secrets!

Cours Julien

Check it out! The ‘hippest’ place in town.

Up for a museum afternoon?

Marseille has plenty of offers!

Hello Marseille joins UNESCO NGO Forum 2017 on the theme of “Youth and their Social Impact”

In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | 03 – 04 May 2017 – organised by UNESCO, and NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee, in partnership with the Mohammed bin Salman …

Your home away from home

Open a non-profit community hostel offering modern multilingual services for young travellers from the world around to discover the best of Marseille