Theory is nice, especially when it is practical.


Our intent is to implement a very “down to earth” ethical project, where real life and theory, brought together, can give their best synergy. Experimenting with community self-management, we are building-up our common knowledge whilst using collective intelligence mechanisms that follow from the original ethical goals of the project.


In addition to performing the economic activity of a normal hostel, we keep in mind that our goal is not economic, but societal, i.e. we want to fulfill all the aspects of what a societal project means:

  • professional: we want to demonstrate proficiency and the possibility for societal projects to out-perform the old-school economic approach.

  • pedagogic: we learn, improve and extract non-profit professional methodology to give others

  • social: we promote human values as a basis for developing projects

  • ecologic: we care for our environment and the impact of our activities

  • sustainable: we create practices for long term development, as opposed to “programmed obsolescence”

  • ethical: we are in the “white market” as opposed to grey or black market. Everything is made to benefit the society we live in, being transparent and open-minded

Your home away from home

Open a non-profit community hostel offering modern multilingual services for young travellers from the world around to discover the best of Marseille