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We currently have available positions for volunteers to join our “Community Care” team !

** Note ** : Hello Marseille is :

  • a non-profit organisation registered with the French government,
  • welcoming members of any non-profit youth hostelling networks,
  • implementing a self-sustained and self-managed traveler’s community dedicated to sustainable development and common good,
  • running the small and humble Hello Marseille “Guesthouse” and “Sharehouse” community places
  • gathering the efforts of responsible citizens to settle as a network of educational ecovillages

Ideal for persons who want to get actively involved in changing the world around us and are interested in alternative economy, community management, non-profit organisation governance

Volunteer positions:

INTERESTED ?? Send the following to

  • Your CV + photo
  • The dates you would expect to stay with us (min. 3 months)
  • video recording of the following lines + answer questions

-> Please record yourself reading the following:

Hello Marseille est un jeune projet associatif basé sur l’intelligence collective et le bien commun. Plus de 300 volontaires sont venus apprendre et contribuer au développement de nos activités depuis 2010. Notre communauté rassemble des personnes qui veulent s’éduquer à un niveau professionnel aux théories et pratiques du “Développement Durable”. Nous ne sommes pas un endroit ordinaire – il est nécessaire d’être sincèrement motivé et engagé pour s’intégrer pleinement dans l’atmosphère de notre environnement social. C’est un endroit pour vivre, apprendre et créer ensemble.”

Questions to answer in the video recording in English or French:

  • What is your name ?
  • Where do you live ?
  • What did you study ?
  • What do you do in life ?
  • What are your plans in the future ?

Thanks for your application ! We look forward to welcoming you as part of our team !

Kind regards,
Hello Marseille Team

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Open a non-profit community hostel offering modern multilingual services for young travellers from the world around to discover the best of Marseille