Multi-Tasking Receptionists

4 positions open at a time, availability depending on the current team

Duration: 3 months minimum, 6+ months is appreciated

  • Age: 18-30 years old is most appropriate, but it depends on your profile :)
  • EU residents or those with a student status or working permit,
  • International tourists with regular visa [Americans can stay for 90 days on a regular visa]
    Best for: foreign travelers or students who want to learn French in Marseille and who want to be in a fun, international environment.


Hello Marseille is looking for mature travelers/students who are

  • Self-motivated
  • Have great social skills
  • Interested in learning French for several months in Marseille
  • Staying with us at the hostel


  • Ideal role for someone looking to gain experience
  • All food and accommodation provided !!!
  • Letter of reference will be made available at the end of the work-term

Other Volunteer jobs:

INTERESTED ?? Send the following to

  • Your CV + photo
  • The dates you would expect to stay with us (min. 3 months)
  • video recording of the following lines + answer questions

-> Please record yourself reading the following:

“Hello Marseille est un jeune projet associatif basé sur l’expérience de notre équipe après plusieurs années de voyages à travers le monde. Nous voulons vous offrir une auberge agréable et pratique pour profiter de Marseille. Hello Marseille se trouve dans un bel immeuble du 19ème siècle, mêlant charme de la pierre ancienne à la modernité de nos services.”

Questions to answer in the video recording in English or French:

  • What is your name ?
  • Where do you live ?
  • What did you study ?
  • What do you do in life ?
  • What are your plans in the future ?


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