A few facts about Notre Dame:

  • It is a basilica (Latin word for Roman public building)
  • Situated at the highest point in Marseille at 162 m (532 ft)
  • Old fishermen used to have their boats blessed in this church. You can still see many boat models hanging around in the church. From there it is one of the most amazing views of the city.
  • One of the best places in Marseille to watch the sun set from.

How to get to Notre Dame:

Walking takes about 25min from Hello Marseille, otherwise you can take a bus No 60 from Vieux Port. Go up our street (Breteuil) until you reach the double boulevard (Cours Pierre Puget), turn left, crossing the beautiful square of the Palace of Justice. At the end of the boulevard, turn left, and go all the way up.


Very hot weather in the summer and the hill is steep (you will need a hat, sun cream, water)

Also please bear in mind to wear proper shoes when walking to Notre Dame

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