Marseille is the oldest city in France, funded by the Greeks 2 600 years ago. With one million inhabitants, it is the second biggest city after Paris.

Its National Parc “Les Calanques” is one of the most beautiful nature sites in south-west Europe. The parc is the biggest climbing site in the world with more than 400 ways, has the oldest human paintings cave in the world (Cosquer cave, 30 000 y.old). It has many walks and treks possibilities, for all levels, offering a unique opportunity to discover the local fauna and flora together with the geological history of the region. The pilot, adventurer and writer Antoine de Saint Exupery was shot down during WWII there, and most probably the parts of his plane have been found underwater closeby the eastern part of the parc.


In town, depending on the wind and weather, you may want to go to the beach (check best beach of the day on the board), discover “Le Panier” called the “old town” for its very picturesque narrow streets and lifestyle (not for its architecture), wander around in the touristic area of the Old Port, where streets used to be canals welcoming sailing boats from all over the world bringing back to Europe gold, spices and many discoveries of the far lands.


For Sunset, we advise you to go up the hill of Notre Dame de la Garde with a bottle of fresh white wine, or to Vallon des Auffes on the rocks, to enjoy the best view on the sea, the city by night and the islands.


For nightlife, you may enjoy the atmosphere of the touristic area closeby the hostel with  the bars and restaurants, the jazz club “La Caravelle” on the other side of the port (Hotel Bellevue), or go for the more down to earth atmosphere in “Le Panier”, if not for the more alternative and artistic atmosphere of “Cours Julien” where most of the inhabitants and local artists gather at night. In summer, there are great opportunities for good DJ’s parties on the Corniche, from Catalans to Prado beaches.


Just an advice: do not take your flight tickets, passports or any other belongings of high value outside during your stay in Marseille. (same goes anywhere in the world, you don’t want to find yourself in trouble during your trip!). In particular, the area around the train station, down to cours Belsunce and up to the “Porte d’Aix” might look a bit dodgy sometimes for lonely girls.


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