The project is a french government registered, non-profit association.

It has a president, a secretary, a treasurer, and several members who meet at least once a year at the General Assembly in order to decide the strategic and administrative matters of the organisation.


The project is structured in three layers:

  • strategic (the concept)

  • tactical (the project)

  • operational (the hostel)


Each layer has its own community, and there is no barrier between these but the level of commitment, competencies and information of its members. In this document, we mostly focus on the hostel i.e. the operational part of the project. For more information about the other developments of the concept, you may freely come to talk with Cedric (always a pleasure to explain more about the other aspects of the project).

Your home away from home

Open a non-profit community hostel offering modern multilingual services for young travellers from the world around to discover the best of Marseille