It is time for change, and the best way to start is here and now.

Once you know the destination, it is most important … how you get there.


The world we live in is ruled by law in an international nation-state system where states are sovereign, and gather to establish international cooperation plateforms (EU, UN …). To interact between humans we created nations and laws, but 98% of this law is commercial, and 2% is civil. There is a big discrepancy in this situation, where we understand the society should be turned to human aspects, and commerce should be only one amongst other criterias to measure human exchanges. Seeing everything through commerce, we end-up measuring everything in terms of money, and the value of money itself is only defined by capital instead of measuring more thoroughly the complexity of the flows we exchange between people and organisations.


Hello Marseille is an attempt to create a social entrepreneurship plateform encouraging economic transition and ethics. We develop best practices and a lifestyle that enables the switch from a dominant “commercial” society to a more balanced society. It is important to us to be the best professionals in all these aspects, so that we can demonstrate proficiency and the possibility for societal projects to out-perform the old-school economy with real case alternative projects.


Your home away from home

Open a non-profit community hostel offering modern multilingual services for young travellers from the world around to discover the best of Marseille